Judy Brey, Design Director, Writer

Judy travels to Africa whenever she can to view wildlife and visit indigenous cultures. Inspired by nature and her unique experiences, Judy now promotes conservation awareness by donating art direction, graphic design and other media skills to non-profit organizations dedicated to saving wildlife. She also supports conservation in Africa’s most threatened areas by creating media to raise funds for critical field work on the front lines. Her work includes the Focus On Africa Wildlife Calendar product line as well as logos, stationery, newsletters, website graphics, digital media, interactive mobile APPs and other tools to support conservation. She lives in Austin where she works as a Design Professional in the Visual Arts Industry and directs the Global March for Elephants & Rhinos ATX 501(c)(3) non-profit and March each Fall. 

Contact: info@wildincrisis.com

Lisa Hoffner, Photojournalist

Lisa travels the world documenting nature in peril, particularly threatened and endangered species. Her images communicate wildlife’s struggle to survive in spite of increasing threats. She's been photographing and writing about the work of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) for many years, publishing several articles on their elephant orphan rescue missions and release of former orphans back into the wild. While visiting Save The Elephants (STE) research site in Samburu, Kenya, Lisa met with Director, Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, during the devastating drought a few years ago. Her heart wrenching images and the impact on wildlife in the harsh environment of northern Kenya was published online in an article for National Geographic. Her work has been recognized nationally and internationally in various publications such as BBC Wildlife, Natural History, National Geographic, Outside Magazine and Ranger Rick. Lisa is represented by the Danita Delimont Agency as well as Nature Picture Library in the UK.  

Contact: lisa@wildeyephoto.com / www.wildeyephoto.com


Editors, Writers, Photographers

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